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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do you prefer to read paperbacks rather than e-books?

If you answered "yes," I have great news for you: Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes is on sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon! Click here to go to the B&N page, and here to go to the Amazon page - the novel makes a great gift for those who enjoy young adult fantasy/sci-fi!



  1. Given the choice I prefer hardcopy books but I am getting more and more used to ebooks and just wish I had a kindle. I think I would read more ebooks if I had a kindle because I think the e-ink technology would be better for me. :)


  2. Thanks for your comment, Shanan. I do prefer to read e-books these days, because it's so convenient, and I can take my books with me wherever we go.